Statistical Analysis on Protein NOESY Distance Restraints
Objective: Caluclating statistics on the number of reported NOESY distance restraints per residue for proteins.
a) We downloaded the parsed simple NOESY distance database from the NRG ( database.
b) The entries containing nucleic acids were removed.
c) 5836 entries (proteins) were used for our statistical analysis.
a) The list of the PDB entries, reported number of restrains, ratio of #restraints/#residues are tabulated and could be found here (List.csv).
b) The histogram of the ratio is shown in Fig. 1.
Fig. 1. Histogram of ratio of #restraints/#residues of 5836 proteins.
c) We considered more than 50 restraints per residue as outliers (26 entries) and recalculated the average and std after removing these outliers. Fig. 2 shows the histogram of the remaining 5810 entries.
Fig. 2. Histogram of ratio of #restraints/#residues after removing outliers.
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