The ARECA (Assessment of the REliability of Chemical shift Assignments) as a part of NMRFAM software packages uses information from the through-space internuclear proximities contained in NOE spectra of the protein. ARECA uses a truth model that indicates expectation probabilities of NOESY contacts between intra and inter-resdiue protons. These probabilities are available through our NOESY Contact Probabilities (NCP) webserver.

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Publication: Hesam Dashti, Marco Tonelli, Woonghee Lee, William M. Westler, Gabriel Cornilescu, Eldon L. Ulrich, John L. Markley,
Probabilistic Validation of Protein NMR Chemical Shift Assignments, JBNMR, 2016, doi:10.​1007/​s10858-015-0007-8
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The ARECA package is developed with MATLAB®. This software is not allowed to be used for Commercial Purposes. Any other non-academic use violates the terms of our License Agreement with Mathworks.

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