ARECA Output
Thank you for using our validation module ARECA. Here are the outcomes of your submitted job:
Running time: 221.836487(s)
Total number CNOESY (ali+aro) peaks: 11584 (Avg/strip: 23.545, Std/strp: 21.248)
Total number NNOESY peaks: 1487 (Avg/strip: 15.330, Std/strp: 5.127)
Total number of processed residues: 107
Number of assigned residues: 97
Number of low probability residues: 0
Number of low confidence residues: 0
Total number of processed atoms: 1170
Number of low probability atoms: 1
Number of low confidence atoms: 0
**Percentage of low probability residues: 0.00 %
**Percentage of low probability atoms: 0.09 %
***p-value: 0.000

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